Is the party over?

By December 9, 2016Blog

Undertaking in-depth online desktop investigations is far more advanced than a simple Google search on the internet. It can often uncover critical information and when coupled with the strategic deployment of field surveillance (or a factual interview) it achieves an impressive result.

As was the case when a female claimant made an insurance claim and received approximately $7,000 per month up until the age of 65. At the time she was 42, so potentially a payout of over one million dollars.

Then, an anonymous informant alerted her employer, an ASX listed corporation, that all was not what it seemed. They made a decision to invest in a desktop investigation which discovered that she was operating a lingerie party business under another identity. Despite the claimant’s best efforts to conceal ownership of the business, an online desktop investigation was able to confirm the business was hers.

Using the claimant’s own events date calendar field surveillance was arranged and investigators were able to obtain evidence of the claimant hosting a party and provide irrefutable footage of activities inconsistent with her alleged incapacity.

A competent online investigation goes beyond a simple Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, White/Yellow Pages and Twitter search and definitely worth the small investment to save on claims potentially worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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